About Us

Justin Brubaker was always one of those boys – a car nut. He says he clearly remembers the day when he was 6-years-old and it hit him that he loves cars!

He would spend hours pouring over the latest issues of Popular Mechanics or Car and Driver magazines to see what he could learn about cars.

When he was 16, he started working part-time for a family friend who had a small car lot in his hometown of Warrensburg, MO.

Here was where he started making strides in learning the intricacies of auto service and repair.

In 2005 at 19 years of age he was approached by a local multi-business owner to manage the reopening of a closed tire and auto shop in Centerview, MO.

Always looking for a challenge, Justin consented. Through much trial and error, Justin and his team successfully grew the business for a few years.

Crest Ridge Tire and Auto has continued to grow since then and has maintained an excellent reputation in the community. Justin got married during this time to a lovely lady from the mountains of Pennsylvania.

So after living in Missouri for a while, Justin and his bride, Jocelyn, decided to move to Pennsylvania.

Justin worked outside the auto industry for few years as he got to know the Cumberland Valley area.

It was always a dream of his to own his own shop. So finally in April 2011, MotivWerks LLC was opened for business on busy Route 11 in Chambersburg.

God has been very good and MotivWerks LLC has grown significantly year over year. Today MotivWerks LLC employs skilled technicians, service advisors, and support personnel that are equipped with the training and tooling to perform automotive testing, services, and repairs with high quality and efficiency.

Their goal is to successfully solve difficult automotive problems even if the car has been to multiple other auto repair shops.

Their technicians are required to attend training workshops multiple times each year covering a wide range of subjects from hybrid vehicle service to electrical system troubleshooting. MotivWerks LLC has always loved European cars, especially Volkswagen/Audi models. This was some of the influence behind the name MotivWerks.

“Motiv” is simply automotive shortened and “Werk” is German for plant or factory. They have, however, been servicing all makes and models of cars and trucks from the very beginning and have become very proficient at maintaining and repairing everything from a Ford to an Audi. They also perform a substantial amount of fleet maintenance for local companies. They offer vehicle pickup and delivery in their local area, which has helped to make the auto service experience less inconvenient for many clients. Finally, here is MotivWerks LLC’s mission statement which sums up everything they do! “We strive to offer high-quality service to our customers, provide an environment where our employees can realize their dreams, and never put money ahead of people.”

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