BMWFounded in 1916 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, the BMW brand has grown into one of the largest and most respected vehicle companies worldwide. This German luxury car brand is the world’s twelfth largest vehicle manufacturer, with brands like Rolls-Royce and MINI under its umbrella. Those who choose to drive a BMW automobile are concerned with safety, luxury, and drivability. Owners understand why the brand has built such a loyal following over the past 100+ years. Owners also understand that just any old auto service shop will not do when it comes to BMW service and repair. BMW drivers need specialized BMW technicians. At MotivWerks in Chambersburg, PA, we are those BMW specialists. We are your BMW Repair Chambersburg #1 choice!

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When you purchase a BMW, you are making a significant investment. And anytime you make a considerable investment, you’ll want to keep it protected and preserved for as long as possible. The best way to do this is with preventative maintenance. At MotivWerks, we strongly encourage you to keep up with your oil changes, brake inspections, fluid changes, and more. Oil changes are recommended about every 6 months or 5,000 miles, and we use this semi-annual inspection to check out every part of your vehicle. This helps us determine any problems or even predict issues that may arise in the future. We applaud any vehicle owner who keeps up with preventative maintenance, but BMW owners show they know their stuff.

BMW Repair Chambersburg

At some point, even the most careful of BMW owners will find their BMW in need of repairs. When this happens, you know you can’t bring a machine as specialized as a BMW to any old auto repair shop. You need to get it to a team of experienced professionals with years of experience working on these delicate machines. The Chambersburg, PA, team at MotivWerks are the only ones in the area with the expertise to repair your BMW and get you back on the road. Any auto repair shop probably has a shot at repairing your BMW, but you know only the pros at MotivWerks are uniquely qualified to right the first time, every time.

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German-made BMWs have come to command a certain respect from other drivers on the road. These specialized machines are so luxurious, so safe, and so drivable that they beg to be driven. If you are a part of the BMW community in Chambersburg, PA, or the surrounding areas, you probably already know that MotivWerks is the only auto service shop you can trust. Make an appointment today. We are your BMW Repair Chambersburg #1 choice!

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