AC / Heater Repair

If you’ve ever walked out to your car in the morning, turned it on, and found that the AC wasn’t working, you know just how annoying of a car problem this can be. One doesn’t really think of a broken AC in the same way as, say, a broken engine because, technically, your car doesn’t need an AC or heater to get you from point A to point B. But in Chambersburg, PA, the winters get cold and the summers get hot, so having an AC and heater is all but essential. If your car’s AC or heater isn’t working, or just isn’t working as well as it once was, bring it to the comfort experts at MotivWerks. We are your AC Repair Chambersburg #1 choice!

AC / Heat Repair

AC & Heat Repair

Every car’s AC is comprised of three main components, each with its own important function. A compressor, an evaporator, and a condenser. The compressor starts the AC process, pressurizing and heating the refrigerant gas before it is sent to the condenser. The condenser serves to remove the heat from the gas and thus cooling it to a high-pressure liquid. As the liquid cools, the evaporator works with the compressor’s fan to control the temperature of the interior of your vehicle. If your AC is in need of repair, it is usually due to leaks or malfunctions in the compressor. Fans or clogged filters can also be at fault for needed repairs, but sometimes a simple refrigerant gas recharge is all you need to get things humming again. If your vehicle has a broken AC or heater, or it just isn’t working like it used to, bring it to the heating and air experts at MotivWerks.

AC & Heat Service

If you are interested in preventative maintenance on your heating and AC system, congratulations on being a responsible vehicle owner. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend having the heating and AC system serviced at least once per year and doing so can almost certainly prevent expensive AC or heat repairs in the future. This also prevents unexpected breakdowns, the kind that leave you too cold or hot in your vehicle on your way to work. Don’t get caught with a busted AC or heater; keep up with the once-yearly maintenance. We are the AC Repair Chambersburg #1 choice!

AC & Heat Repair Near Me

Before your car gets too hot or cold in one of Chambersburg’s extreme seasons, bring it to MotivWerks. We can handle any maintenance on your AC and heating systems during a once-a-year check-up, or we can do emergency repairs if need be as well. No matter your heating or AC needs, trust the pros at MotivWerks in Chambersburg, PA.

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